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About FlashOpal

We are FlashOpal—a team who specializes in Australian Opals and manufacturing jewelry designs from Natural Opals and Gemstones.

What guides us?

We believe that celebrating life should not be limited to just special occasions. Yes, engagements and anniversaries deserve an exclusive ring but jewelry should also be about making our everyday lives more interesting. This is why we are creating an interesting mix of jewelry for men and women. Our creations are guided by this principle, brewed with lots of love and passion. From earrings to pendants and cufflinks, our inventory continues to expand, helping you create memories…every day.

We are Genuine but with a Difference

We realize that branding ourselves as purists is not going to win us brownie points with you. There is a glut of similarly themed online stores with the same taglines. To stand apart from the rest, we have adopted a very simple yet unique approach—maintaining the authenticity throughout the product’s life cycle, from sourcing the raw materials, during the creative process, right up to the point of its delivery.

How do we do this?

We are located in Australia - the heart of the world’s biggest opal mining fields.· We have a workshop and a small team that spends some serious time ideating designs · We don't follow a production approach – there is very little of assembly-line in our workshop · We are not driven by volumes—some of the custom orders take weeks but still, our customers love us.

What sort of authenticity you can expect?

Every gemstone we use comes with the guarantee of being 100% natural.
We use only Earth-mined, ethical gems.
No lab-created, manufactured or artificially filled gemstones make it to our workshop.
We don't brag about cheap pricing because we use the best materials but yes, we are competitively priced.
None of the customer reviews have been requested or bought—this is genuine feedback from folks who love the way we work.

Our Ongoing Journey….things are looking good!

What started in 1995 as a very enthusiastic venture born out of love for Opals, is now taking the shape of a global brand. Our presence has moved beyond Australian shores, engaging attention in the USA, across the Asian sub-continent and European nations too. Our creations are the result of keeping the creative process as genuine as our opals—unaffected by the predictability that surrounds us. We don't compete with other online stores. We thrive in our own ecosystem where creativity takes centre-stage. When a design manages to impress our team, we know, it will make sense to our discerning buyers too.

Our Services…Leveraged to Your Advantage

We do everything you expect from a customer-oriented online store and then, a lot more! To put it simply—we interact more, not to the extent of invading your privacy, but with the intent of helping you explore and understand what you are buying. We don't overwhelm you with product literature stuffed with overtly technical terms. The idea is never to mislead you into making a selection or overselling a product. We service you with a buyer’s mindset, positioning ourselves as someone on the verge of buying Opal Jewelry. You can interrogate, interact, and dig into the wisdom we have gained over the years. In fact, if there is an Opal Jewelry design on your mind, we will work with you to create that truly personalized jewelry.

Combining the Best of Online Shopping Dynamics

We must confess, we had the advantage of launching our online jewelry shop when e-commerce was taking a more definitive shape. We took the time to understand how this niche evolved, particularly with respect to changing consumer mindsets. Today, FlashOpal is positioned as a unique online entity—it combines the dynamics of an online retailer, information resource, customer interaction, and point of sale. Every item is updated with multiple photos and a video so you get more than a fair idea about the piece on offer. We believe when you are equipped with all the necessary information, satisfaction will surface without forcing it—this works to our advantage.

In the beginning

FlashOpal was founded by an enthusiastic American entrepreneur in 1995, with the new age online store being the idea of a typical, beach-loving Queenslander. Kindred spirits with a mutual love for Opals meant a lot of time was spent in understanding cutting, polishing and setting opals. The progression to using natural gemstones was in order to break free from the unexciting, typical jewelry stores and specialize in creating custom designs for our valued customers. FlashOpal the online store was started in 2008 to provide our patrons the convenience of browsing new and exciting designs from the comfort of their homes and obtaining a hassle-free delivery from an already trusted supplier.

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