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Opal Engagement Rings

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Items: 97120 of 132

Australian Opal Engagement Rings 

Packed with sentiments, polished to perfection and ready to dazzle, this range of opal engagement rings represents our most popular offerings. We are hopeless romantics, who believe that every moment spent with someone special should be celebrated. So, it is no surprise that we channel so much effort into creating truly special engagement rings. The collection is enticing, sinfully indulgent, meant to overwhelm you with option.

Yes, we take pride in making you fall in love with our fine jewelry. Featuring only 100% genuine Australian opals, these rings capture your attention with their mystical range of colors. Polished with great care, crafted in traditional and in-vogue designs, the vivaciously colored opal rings make a statement in real gold. 

Opal engagement rings have been gaining popularity over the years. While diamonds have traditionally been the go-to stone for engagement rings, opals offer a unique and bold alternative that can make a statement.

Opals are often described as having a mesmerizing and dream-like quality due to their play of color. The stone itself can be found with a variety of colors which make opals an incredibly versatile choice for engagement rings. The stone's symbolic meaning is also quite significant - it's often associated with hope, love and happiness.

Opal engagement rings can vary greatly in style and design, but they are a perfect choice for those who want a non-traditional ring that still maintains its elegance and class. Some popular designs feature a halo of diamonds, which adds a classic touch to the ring. Other design options include antique styles, modern minimalist designs, and subtle embellishments.

As with any precious stone, opals require proper care and maintenance. They are vulnerable to scratches and chips, so it's important to store them in a secure place when they are not being worn or used. Overall, an opal engagement ring is a unique and stunning choice for those seeking an alternative to the traditional diamond ring. Its vibrant colors, symbolic meaning, and endless design possibilities make it an attractive option for couples looking for something special and meaningful.

This collection is being slowly populated. Our team of designers and craftsmen take the time necessary to sculpt a masterpiece, ensuring they create something as exclusive as your relationship!  Part of our range includes opal solitaire rings, black opal rings, and opal and diamond rings.

Knowing how to Care for Opal Engagement Rings is important before purchasing. If you don't see your dream opal ring here, as opal specialists, it would be an honor and pleasure to help you with your ring custom designed for Love