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Make an Offer

How to Make an Offer on Opals and Jewelry

FlashOpal values all our customers and we understand that sometimes budgets just don't quite reach the price on the item you must have.
Please keep in mind that prices on all our opal jewelry, gemstone jewelry and loose stones are at manufacturers price - not the RRP often found elsewhere - which is why we do not offer big discounts (30%, 50% or more) like many stores.
However, you will find products that have the 'make an offer' tab where you can submit your reasonable offer directly.  If there is an item you would like that does not show the 'make an offer' tab, contact through the page to check if an offer may be considered.

Terms and Conditions.
Your offer may or may not be accepted.  It may be counter offered but at no time are you obliged to purchase.
If a price is agreed upon, you will be given a special coupon code for that particular item.  Simply use your coupon code during checkout. Easy!
If you have any questions, need any assistance or have any comments, don't hesitate to contact us by email, live chat or phone.

Please note - make an offer is not available on any custom designed jewelry or layaway.

Happy shopping!