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The best mens opal jewelry from Australia

For Men

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6327 Green Opal Pendant 925 Silver 7 Carats
  • New!
  • USD $635
6336 Mens Opal Ring Diamonds 14k Gold Wide Band
  • New!
  • USD $1275
6326 Mens Opal Ring 14k Gold Ribbed Band
  • New!
  • USD $1000
6335 Mens Inlay Opal Ring 14k Gold Wide Band
  • New!
  • USD $1775
6285 Mens Green Opal Inlay Ring 14k Gold Band
  • USD $1075
6302 Mens White Opal Ring Sterling Silver Split Band
  • USD $260
6312 Mens Opal Ring 14k Gold Green Blue Gem
  • USD $1175
5721 Mens Opal Ring 14k Yellow Gold Rectangle
  • USD $1375
6301 Mens Black Opal Ring 14k Gold Ribbed Band
  • USD $975
6270 Red Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver Wide Band
  • USD $335
6277 Mens Opal Ring Round Green 925 Silver
  • USD $325
5275 Opal Inlay Pendant 14k Gold Big Rectangle
  • USD $1025
6272 Inlay Opal Ring 14k Gold Five Colorful Stones
  • USD $1025
6262 Mens Opal Ring 14kt Gold Three Gems
  • USD $975
6261 Opal Nugget Ring for Men 925 Sterling Silver Blue Stone
  • USD $425
6234 Mens Opal Ring 14k Gold Colorful Oval Stone
  • USD $965
5447 Mens Black Opal Ring 14k Gold Green Rectangle
  • USD $1550
6224 Mans Opal Ring 14k Gold Bright Colorful Gem
  • USD $875
6181 Mens Opal Ring 14k Gold Bright Colors Rectangle
  • USD $775
6204 Mens or Ladies Opal Diamond Ring 14k Gold Brilliant Green Gold Gem
  • USD $1250
6182 Mens Black Opal Ring 14k Gold Big Rectangle
  • USD $2250
6119 14k Gold Very Wide Band 'The Best' Gem Grade Crystal Opal Inlay Ring
  • USD $1900
6034 6065 Mens Opal Inlay Ring 14k Gold Wide Band
  • USD $2100
6074 Mens Opal Inlay Ring 14k Gold
  • USD $999
Items: 124 of 137

We have stepped into the largely neglected realm of premium jewelry for men, bringing a refreshing approach and creating new standards of perfection. Based in Australia, we excel in fine jewelry creations that incorporate rare opals. We bring the same approach to mens opal jewelry, creating exceptional designs.

This iconic collection is being populated with the best compositions, including opal rings, opal pendants and opal cuff links that are both urbane and classics. The fine collection features the best of opals, harvested from their natural locales in Australia. Our collection of mens jewelry integrates traditional and contemporary designs with 100% genuine stones. From fine jewelry for men that oozes masculinity, to those that reek of sophistication, explore jewelry in 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K gold along with 925 sterling silver.

The assortment on display is frequently streamlined to ensure only the best creations reach you. Our extensive inventory of mens jewelry is backed by over two decades of expertise, now channeled towards making us the go-to destination for those who value handcrafted designer jewelry.

Whether you are seasoned at e-shopping or exploring online jewelry for the first time, we assure you of a hassle free shopping experience! We assure you of unmatched quality, vowing not to mislead you. While our trend setting designs continually raise the benchmarks in this niche, our transparent customer relationship policy ensures we reciprocate the trust of our patrons. 

While we hope to impress you with our fine jewelry for men, there is a chance you do not find something that captures your attention. You might be looking for something slightly different.  If this is the case, please share your ideas with us. We welcome special requests for men's jewelry with our Custom Design service.