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Opal Cuff Links

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Addressing an increasing demand for mens Jewelry, we were inspired to create opal cuff links. We believe the modern man is fashion conscious, very careful about displaying a unique sense of style. For these men, opal cuff links are the ideal choice. With real opals in 14k or 18k Gold and Sterling Silver, making a lifestyle statement and not just another fashion accessory.

Although only a small display of cuff links are shown, orders of custom designs with the finest of opals and gemstones have been created. We undertake a thorough cutting and polishing process upon the confirmation of an order. We use only 100% genuine natural opals, each handpicked after a thorough process of establishing its value and suitability. From edgy and geometrical to traditional designs, and much more, we use creativity as our biggest inspiration.

If you are wondering about an cuff link design with opal or any gemstone or want a custom designed cuff link, please make use of our Custom Design Service where we work along with you to design a quality cuff link for your style.