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Mens Opal Ring 14k Gold Three Gems

SKU: 5137
  • USD $1050
😊Sold to a savvy buyer

A mens Opal ring in 14k Gold with three very bright inlaid Opals. 

If you are interested in having a ring like this, please contact through this product to confirm availability of Opals of this quality.  This ring is a band of 14k Gold measuring 6.7 mm wide that could be worn by men or women, and is inlaid with three very bright Opals that display mainly Red and Blue but also show the uncommon Purple.  These flash in a mix of patterns that the video will show better than the images.  This ring has been sold and the price shown is for a similar ring to the first three photos.  The last three photos show a ring that was made to order in the same style but with brighter and livelier stones.  The price shown is for a ring the same as the first three images or option 2 will be for a ring similar to the last three images.  The price will change if you choose option 2 with the brilliant patch harlequin Opals. Option one is as detailed below.


  • OPAL WEIGHT:   Approximately 1.5 carats combined
  • COLOR:  Red and Blue with some Purple
  • PATTERN:   Confetti / Flame
  • QUALITY:  Flawless
  • SETTING:  6.7 mm wide
  • GOLD WEIGHT:  6.1 grams 14k Gold

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We understand the aspects of buying sight unseen so every endeavor is made to give you the best possible online shopping experience and for you to be more than 100% satisfied.

You are buying from Australian opal specialists who meticulously cut and polish stones to maximize visual brilliance and who only deal with solid opals.  You will receive an educated buying process with our assistance at every step.


All gems are guaranteed to be 100% natural earth mined stones and conflict free.  We offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship of our jewelry.  Expect quality opals and jewelry with genuine service.

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Product questions

  • Richard Johnson
    Aug 16, 2020, 22:11

    Janine, hi!
    If option 2 is selected, are the colors still red, blue and purple?
    Are they clearer and brighter and/ or a different pattern?
    Is the harlequin pattern of a larger symmetrical repeating flake/ flame, or is it more grainy small specks? (I’d prefer the larger)
    Is it easy to email me pictures that show the difference?
    I couldn’t really distinguish one from the other in the pics. on the website.
    Also are the inlays the same dimensions for both 1 & 2?
    My daughter Hannah’s graduation ring received recently is absolutely beautiful and now dad’s gotta get one. Hers is awesome and if style 1 is comparable, I’d be ok with that. However, I’d be willing to go style 2 if there’s a distinct visible upgrade involved. Can you help me make an informed decision? Purple is my favorite color by the way. Thanks!

    Aug 17, 2020, 06:23

    Hi Richard. It is good to hear from you again! Option 2 has more harlequin play of color which is the larger patches. It depends on what is available in the opal trays as to what the color mix is but I can put a note for purple and if available, it will be used. It isn't possible for photos of opals prior to the ring being finished sorry, but the difference in the two is noticeable. However, option 1 is still very bright and colorful. I will email you some photos now of two rings that were made with option 2 so you can hopefully see the difference.
    I hope that helps!

  • Alan
    Jun 12, 2020, 08:32

    Hi Janine
    I sent you a question earlier regarding the possibility of upgrading the opals in another ring SKU 5771
    What I’m trying to do if possible is have this ring SKU 5137 made with the option of the upgraded opals
    and have the other one made to match if possible with the brighter livelier opals So both rings stones compliment each other if this is possible
    I would like both rings to match as much as possible as they are to be our wedding rings
    SKU 5771 in white gold size 6.75. UK/AUS size N
    SKU 5137 in white gold size 14. UK/AUS size Z3
    Kindest Regards

    Jun 12, 2020, 13:16

    Hi Alan.
    I have emailed you directly so if it hasn't reached your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder :)
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards, Janine.

    Hi Alan
    I understand now just what you want. I will email you with confirmation of availability and a quote very soon.
    Kind Regards,

  • Richard Johnson
    Apr 27, 2020, 22:58

    Is the ring in the video and example of the harlequin opal option 2, or option 1?

    Apr 28, 2020, 06:37

    Hi Richard. Thank you for your question.
    The video is of the ring in the first photos, so option 1.
    I hope that helps and if you need any more information, don't hesitate to ask.
    Kind Regards,

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  • Jun 3, 2020, 06:48
    It arrived, and we are both very happy with it. Possibly ecstatic. Thank you again for everything! You guys are amazing.
  • Oct 11, 2019, 23:55
    What a beautiful ring and fabulous workmanship. Thanks for the terrific service also. I will be back!

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