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FlashOpal Genuine Gem Jewelry is an Online Only Shopping Site which means minimal overheads so the savings are passed on to you.  You can rest easy knowing the products are quality at the best possible price.  Only Genuine, Real, Authentic products are offered to you.

Buying Opal Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry or Unset Stones online can be nerve wracking.  Viewing the item in your hand or trying on a piece of jewelry does reassure you of the money being spent.  As you are shopping online only, the very best is done to provide accurate photos and video of each item so you can get the best possible idea of what it is like in person.  FlashOpal has been online since 2008 and since then, many customers have been reassured via email and have then followed through with their purchase with a very happy result.  If you need any reassurance whatsoever, or have any questions you would like answered, please don’t hesitate to Email for a prompt and friendly response.

This website has been set up to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible and very secure.  If you experience any difficulty, simply send an Email to receive assistance in any way possible. 

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each product at no extra cost and is emailed to you. You can store a copy on your computer or print it for your records. The Certificate includes the details and photo of the product purchased.  

As the manufacturer, FlashOpal Genuine Gem Jewelry guarantees the details to be true and accurate. 



All prices are in USD by default and final sales are charged in USD. You have the option of changing the currency on this website which is for reference only with the currency rates calculated daily by Google Finance Currency Converter.  All payments are received in USD and any conversion into USD from your currency is calculated by PayPal and depending on your payment method, also your local bank.  

Payments through the PayPal gateway are safe and secure.  Your financial details are not stored, only your email for contacting you and the shipping address for mailing your item.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment.  You can pay with your credit card or bank account and if you do have a PayPal account, you can pay with your PayPal funds.

Payments can be made over the phone with your credit card however we strongly suggest using the PayPal method for safety and currency purposes.  Any credit card payments made over the phone are charged in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS and any conversion into your currency will be determined by your bank.  You more than likely will be paying more than the stated amount in US Dollars.

Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal regarding your payment, and also a confirmation email from FlashOpal – Genuine Gem Jewelry regarding your order. Once your order is finalised and your item is shipped, you will receive a final email with the shipping information. 



Your order is shipped by FREE Insured Air Mail Shipping however FedEx Express Shipping is available and highly recommended for an additional charge.  View the prices for countries on the Shipping Information page.  

Parcels are mailed to the address received on the PayPal payment and you can enter the address for shipping when making your payment.  PayPal offers buyer and seller protection however it is only if the parcel is sent to the address provided on the payment so please ensure you enter the correct shipping address.

The time frame for shipping your purchase can be the same day or up to 21 days depending on what you have purchased.  If you do not need a different Ring Size to the one stated in the description or you do not need to change the Gold Color, your item will ship within One Business Day.  If you require a different Ring Size or different Gold Color, this will take from seven days for Rings without accent stones and up to 21 days for Rings with accent stones.

If you are having an item Custom Made, the time it takes until the item is ready for shipping will depend on the amount of work done but generally no more than four weeks.  Please take these times into consideration especially for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas Gifts. 

Whatever your requirements are, be assured of a fast turn around time as possible without compromising the quality.  

Once your parcel is shipped to you, the time it takes to get to your shipping address will depend on the Postal Service and Customs.  Please understand these areas are beyond our control.  Free shipping is via Express Post for Australian buyers or Insured Air Mail, Pack and Track, Registered Post or Air Mail depending on the item and country it is being shipped to.  Your purchase can take anywhere between One day and four weeks depending on the shipping address.  Please take these times into consideration if purchasing for Special Occasions such as Birthdays, Proposals etc.  Express Shipping is available and can take three to seven business days without any Customs or Postal Service issues.  Weather conditions can also delay shipping which is out of the control of everyone.   Your safest option is to shop as early as possible for Special Occasions.

In the unlikely event your parcel is lost, an investigation will be launched with Australia Post or the relevant Postal service.  As all parcels are insured against loss or damage, you can have peace of mind that your funds will not be lost also.  A refund will be issued at the earliest possible instance.

Import taxes and duties MAY be imposed by your country's government which they will ask you to pay before receiving the item.  Please check your country's policies prior to purchasing.  If the item has been returned to us due to non payment of your country’s tax, any fees imposed on us will need to be deducted from the refund. 

Returns & Refunds


Your satisfaction with your purchase is paramount.  In the unlikely event you are not happy with your purchase, simply Email your intention to return for instructions with the following information in mind.

Advice of Returns are accepted within 7 days from the time you have received your item. 

The item must be returned to FlashOpal in the same condition that it was sent, i.e. Unworn, no alterations, safely packaged etc.

Shipping costs, if paid, are not refundable and the costs involved returning the item will need to be paid by you. 

A refund will be issued once the item is received based on the above or you may exchange it for something else.  Your new item will not be shipped until the original item is received as per the above.  In the event of an exchange, any difference in price will need to be paid if applicable before shipping to you. A refund of the difference if applicable will be issued when the original item is received and you have chosen your new purchase.

There is no return or exchange available on;
- Jewelry you have shipped to FlashOpal that has been altered, repaired or re sized as per your instructions.
- Loose / unset stones that have been altered as per your instructions.

Refunds are issued in USD via your PayPal payment. 

Your understanding in the above matters is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Email your inquiry.

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