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Black Opal Pendants

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Items: 124 of 28

We love the mystical aura of black opals.  Black opal pendants are a part of our fine jewelry collection where we blend these rare opals with real gold and on occasion, precious gemstones.  Using only 100% natural Australian black opals and solid 14k, 18k or 22k gold or 925 silver, our growing range of pendants are guaranteed genuine.  These Lightning Ridge black opals have been earth-mined, expertly cut for the best outcome of color and pattern, then polished to a mirror finish.

One glance and you understand why black opals are worthy of being desired.  Similar to an artist with a black canvas painting on a whim, natural black opal has a color palette on a dark background that dances to its own tune.  Each one is unique, no two opals the same.  The full spectrum of colors in black opals against real gold or sterling silver, handcrafted into opal jewelry, is desired and envied.

We invite you to explore our black opal pendants on offer and if you do not find something to add to your jewelry collection, consider using our Custom Design Service. Our team of opal jewelry specialists would love to work with you to create a rare and beautiful black opal pendant.