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Ethiopian Opal Pendants

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The results of pairing an Ethiopian opal with a design that compliments its beauty, can be truly mesmerizing as seen in these Ethiopian opal pendants. Ethiopian opals are usually big and vibrantly colorful. Naturally mined Ethiopian opals have unique traits, making for an intriguing and increasingly popular choice for lovers of opal.

Some of these pendants feature opals that display the entire rainbow of colors. Imagine wearing such a varied palette of colors around your neck! These 100% genuine Ethiopian opals are carefully cut and polished and set in 14K gold to feature the aura of real opals.

Whether you are exploring opal jewelry for the first time or happen to be a seasoned buyer, please explore our collection of Ethiopian opal jewelry with the assurance of our unquestioned support. In fact, you can get an opal pendant customized to your preferences via our Personalization Services.