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Opal Diamond Pendants

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Items: 124 of 80

We are somewhat biased towards the sparkling brilliance of opals and nothing represents this fact better than our expanding collection of opal diamond pendants. The vivacious colors in the opals are complemented by glistening diamonds in each and every pendant.

Artsy, elaborate designs is how we approach this niche, choosing not to create standard designs. We give you the assurance of using only 100% genuine opals, each hand-mined from the world’s opal-rich landscapes of Australia. Set in 14K, 18K or 22K gold, each opal and diamond pendant is made by a skilled craftsman. A small team, we invest time in ensuring that nothing is left to chance—patiently attending to each detail.

From electric blue and green colored opal pendants to those displaying animated butterfly shapes, we are progressively adding more creativity to this segment. However, if there is a pendant design in your mind, we are ready to work with you to create that truly exclusive piece of jewelry via our exclusive Custom Design Services.