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Artisan Opal Pendants

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Are you on the lookout for exceptional opal jewelry—artsy pieces that have an everlasting appeal and can complement the widest range of wardrobe choices? Opal pendants by Samira Designs caters to such fine jewelry requirements with its boutique creations.

Expect 100% authentic, earth-mined gemstones and opals in exotic, elaborate designs. Opals mined from their natural habitat in Australia are quality-tested and finished for brilliant aesthetics by a team of seasoned jewelry designers. Opal pendant options include opals and diamonds, opals and pearls, opals and gold nuggets, or pendants with all of these combinations. We have put together the most interesting collection of opal pendants for your consideration. These are handcrafted creations with no parallels in the market worthy of giving as a gift or spoiling yourself for a special occasion. All of these pendants has been loving crafted in north Queensland, Australia by designers who have an eye for unique propositions, a skill for combining natural elements and a love of all things beautiful.