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Gold Opal Pendants

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8319 Cross Inlay Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8319
  • New!
  • USD $1195
8306 4.5 Carat Shell Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8306
  • New!
  • USD $350
8305 3.7 Carat Crystal Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8305
  • New!
  • USD $375
8316 Square Opal Pendant Neon Gold Green 14k Gold 8316
  • New!
  • USD $550
8307 Red Shell Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8307
  • New!
  • USD $220
8281 Shell Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8281
  • New!
  • USD $595
8264 Green Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8264
  • USD $670
8239 Shell Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8239
  • USD $325
8232 14k Gold Opal Pendant Long Oval 8232
  • USD $420
8212 Australian Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8212
  • USD $450
8221 Light Opal Pendant 14k Gold 3.2 Carats Pastel 8221
  • USD $435
8218 Red Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8218
  • USD $450
8201 18k Gold Australian Opal Pendant 8201
  • USD $545
8200 Australian Opal Pendant 18k White Gold 8200
  • USD $595
8192 Inlay Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Rectangle 8192
  • USD $395
8167 Round Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8167
  • USD $275
8159 Australian Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8159
  • USD $450
8161 7955 Love Heart Opal Inlay Pendant Large Heavy 14k Gold
  • USD $4500
8119 Australian Pipe Opal Pendant 14k Gold 8119
  • USD $1200
8123 Australian Opal Pendant 14k Gold Triangle
  • USD $825
8104 Australian Opal Pendant 14k White Gold 8104
  • USD $695
8093 Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold Sea Turtle 8093
  • USD $1395
8065 Shell Opal Pendant 14k Yellow Gold 8065
  • USD $360
8067 Inlay Opal Pendant 14k Gold Rectangle 8067
  • USD $425
Items: 124 of 147

Australian opal pendants in solid gold

We strive to offer solid gold opal pendants for sale that are favorable to a wide range of customers. Using precious metals like 14K, 18K or 22K gold, we aim to highlight the distinctive features of each rare opal and showcase its natural beauty in a wide range of styles.

The opal jewelry marketplace can be daunting. Adopting the best of online shopping practices and using only authentic opals, we use the natural brilliance of opals with the intention of impressing you. We source the best available opals from mines around Australia including the prestigious Lightning Ridge mines.

Gold opal pendants are some of the most beautiful, luxurious and unique pieces of jewelry that you could ever own. Each one is truly unique, and the use of gold as a material adds an extra level of elegance and sophistication.

The opal itself is one of the most desirable stones in the world of jewelry, and is prized for its remarkable play of colors. When coupled with gold, the overall effect of the pendant is simply eye-catching. With a luxurious yet understated tone, gold opal pendants make an excellent choice for those who are looking for a unique piece of jewelry that matches their individual style.

When it comes to choosing the right opal and gold pendant, there are many options to consider. Some prefer a more understated look, with a small pendant that works well in a wide range of settings. Others prefer something more elaborate, with intricate designs that showcase the beauty of the opal stone.

One of the benefits of gold opal pendants is that they can work well with a wide range of outfits and occasions. Whether you are dressing up for a formal event or simply looking for an accessory that adds a touch of class to your everyday look, a gold opal pendant can be just the thing.

Overall, opal pendants in solid gold are the perfect blend of elegance, luxury and individual style. With their unique look and feel, they are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

From casual gifting occasions to lifetime celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries, we hope you find a gold opal pendant design worthy of giving. Our range of pendants is being regularly updated, ensuring you can find simple to exotic, flamboyant to humble, and everyday to festive wear pendants with ease.

Despite the range we have on offer, if we do fail to impress you with that special, must-buy pendant, do not despair. We can create what you want, perfected to your wish. We do this via our special Personalization Services where we create customized designs for you!