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Solid Australian opals professionally cut and polished


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6166 Black Opal Stone Loose 3.4 Carats
  • New!
  • USD $3275
6535 Solid Red Black Opal Stone Unset Pear Cut
  • New!
  • USD $1995
6499 2 Carat Black Crystal Opal Stone Blue Free Form
  • New!
  • USD $325
6536 Black Opal Stone Oval Unset 4 Carats
  • New!
  • USD $1595
6505 Big White Opal Stone Unset Oval
  • USD $800
6491 Large Mintabie Semi Black Opal Stone Unset
  • USD $2400
6493 Crystal Opal Stone Loose 2.7 Carat Triangle
  • USD $700
6492 Crystal Opal Stone Unset 5 Carats
  • USD $1600
6494 2661 Bright Red Crystal Opal Stone Unset
  • USD $250
6126 Small Black Opal Stone Green Blue
  • USD $200
6201 6 Carat Boulder Opal Stone Unset
  • USD $650
6202 12.5 Carat Blue Boulder Opal Stone Gem
  • USD $550
6044 Crystal Opal .95 Carat Oval Loose Stone
  • USD $150
6456 Blue Black Opal Stone Unset
  • USD $1000
6422 Large Crystal Opal Unset Exceptional Australian Stone
  • USD $1100
6427 Large Solid Black Opal Stone 6427
  • USD $1500
6447 Large Solid Black Opal Stone 6447
  • USD $1100
6463 Solid Black Opal Stone 6463
  • USD $800
6461 Pair Solid Crystal Opal Stones Double Sided
  • USD $2200
4920 Large Black Opal Free Form Red Blue Stone
  • USD $715
6432 Pair of Black Opals Free Form Green Blue Stones
  • USD $1500
6426 2.4 Carat Black Opal Stone Triangle
  • USD $500
6415 3.7 Carat Black Opal Free Form Red Blue Stone
  • USD $850
6316 Lightning Ridge Black Opal Stone 16 Carats
  • USD $1050
Items: 124 of 247

We have been romancing opals for over two decades, still in awe of how this unique gemstone displays unexplored traits every time we hold one in our hands—the love for opals got us started in creating distinctive pieces of fine jewelry.

The interaction between opals and light is an enthralling affair, captured beautifully in our range of opal rings, earrings and pendants. We are trying to create a more organized marketplace for opal jewelry in the absence of global guidelines for this niche. Mined from various locations around Australia, including the Lightning Ridge area of New South Wales, Coober Pedy in South Australia and the Queensland town of Winton, we take care in bringing only the best, 100% natural opals to you. Cut and polished to perfection, expect mysterious, galaxy-like patterns in many of these opals. From fire and lightning, to refreshing shades of the rainbow and soft shine of the far seas—you will find an opal of every type in our collection, handled with care to maximize the visual brilliance.

Every opal you see is guaranteed natural and solid and is ready to set into jewelry or for the astute collector. Suitable for earrings to pendants and engagement rings, there are opals of all types— Black Opal, Crystal Opal, Boulder Opal, and more. Consider using our expertise in the making of opal jewelry to have one of these unset opal stones Custom Designed into a unique piece of jewelry. Even as the designer jewelry market awakens and adopts more opal jewelry, we ensure that our pricing is competitive.