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Black Opal

Items: 124 of 46
Items: 124 of 46

Found mainly in Australia’s Lightning Ridge, black opal is widely regarded as the most precious type of opal, and packed with a boisterous range of colors—are considered the unprecedented leaders in the niche of Australian opals. The reason lies in their unique appearance with a contrasting color pattern so unique that the opal seems animated, surreal unlike any other gemstone!

We bring such precious black opals to you, each boasting of a burst of rich colors. From enthusiastic opal collectors to women who prefer premium jewelry, these opals continue to enthrall everyone with their ability to capture rainbow-like scenery in a condensed form. These rare black gems have been mined from Australia and are ready for jewelry or collecting.

You can expect to find the best of black opals on display here, each characterized by a dark body tone - and you can learn about grading opals here. To ensure that each stone radiates its full splendor, we take time in patiently cutting and polishing them. You get to choose from black opal stones with an enviable degree of sparkle, those sporting the entire range of colors—ranging from cool blue to yellow, green and orange apart from rare hues of red.

If one of these black opal beauties catches your eye and you would like to wear it proudly in a fine piece of jewelry, please do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE quote in creating a custom designed setting.