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These collector opals are a treasure trove for both gem collectors and astute buyers of quality gems. The collection consists of 100% genuine rare and precious Australian opals. These opals are not meant for mainstream circulation, rarely making it to a fine piece of jewelry. Many dedicated opal collectors prefer to preserve these rare gemstones in their raw, often uncut form though this is not the norm.

Distinct opal patterns, such as Chinese writing patterns, along with other unique and rare characteristics, make these opals an exclusive offering. We have this inventory of rare opals, aware there is a ready market for such exceptional gemstones. Though not every opal listed here is as prestigious as the Aurora Australis or the Black Prince (historic opals worshiped by collectors), we do however, present options that are worthy of your time and money.  Wondering what makes one of these opals worthy of collecting?  Read our article on opal information detailing all aspects looked for by lovers of opals.

Each of these opals has been cut with precision to maintain the value, quality and each rare property, then finished with a high polish with the intention to preserve the opal as much as possible in its natural form. You will find calibrated gems also, including extraordinary opals that stand apart with their pattern and clarity. Just like many collectibles, some of these opals might not conform to standard shapes or measurements—these are not imperfections but features that make them exclusive!