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6505 Big White Opal Stone Unset Oval
  • New!
  • USD $800
127624 Dark Crystal Opal Unset Unique Australian Stone
  • USD $3400
5435 Dark Crystal Opal Solid Free Form 5435
  • USD $850
5445 Red Opal 1 Carat Oval Loose 5445
  • USD $285
5415 Red Harlequin Opal 2 Carat Oval Loose 5415
  • USD $775
5585 Solid Opal Stone 5.4 Carats Light Crystal 5585
  • USD $1050
127912a Dark Crystal Opal 8.42 Carat Oval Loose Stone
  • USD $550
128251 7.69 Carat Dark Crystal Opal Unset Green Yellow Orange Gem
  • USD $3600
129547 Matching Pair Dark Crystal Opals Oval Orange Green Gems
  • USD $9150
4598 Light Opal Stone Unset Red Blue Triangle Gem
  • USD $500
5058 Semi Crystal White Opal Stone Unset 2.65 Carats
  • USD $350
129630 Big White Opal Stone Loose
  • USD $700
128564 Big Dark Crystal Opal Stone Unset Gem Quality
  • USD $3400
129164 Light Opal Stone Unset Red Yellow Gem 3 Carat Pear Cut
  • USD $550
125302 Big Opal Stone Bright Colors 9 Carat Oval
  • USD $1200
120120 Loose Opal Stone 2.68 Carats Free Form Brilliant Colors
  • USD $580
128326 Dark Crystal Opal Stone Bright Colors 5.46 Carat Oval
  • USD $1950
128253c Big Oval Opal 9.35 Carat Dark Crystal Loose Stone
  • USD $2950
127608c Dark Crystal Opal Stone Unset Green Pear Cut
  • USD $450
127491 Unset Opal 8.93 Carat Semi Crystal Lime Green Stone
  • USD $600
124487 8 Carat Dark Crystal Opal Extremely Bright Colorful Gem
  • USD $3200
128320 6 Carat Crystal Opal Brilliant Colors
  • USD $2350
126795 Big Semi Dark Crystal Opal Long Oval Brilliant Color Gem
  • USD $2300
128249 9.9 Carat Semi Dark Crystal Opal Bright Multi Colors Gem
  • USD $2300
Items: 124 of 31

This category is dedicated to other opal types that are not often available or do not have the interest like black opals or crystal opals but are still desired. This includes white opal, dark crystal opal and shell crystal opal.

Please note that these are not inferior opals - only the combined number of them is smaller than other searched for opals. We deal only in 100% authentic Australian opals where each piece is handpicked and tested thoroughly for clarity, radiance of colors and purity so be assured everything you see is genuine and described accurately. This selection is being gradually populated as the availability or demand for such opals increases.

White opals are one of the most searched for however quality white opal stones with good brightness and colorful, are not common.  Shell crystal opals are very desired for their unique formation and especially when they display a mesmerizing color play, but are not often found.  You will find these gems for sale in this category.  

If there is a specific opal you are looking for, whether it is size, color or type, let us know and we will do our utmost to find the exact stone you desire. We have have been chosen to sell amazing opal on behalf of a retired miner and there are many more not shown in our store.

If you find your perfect unique opal and would like custom designed jewelry made, get in touch to discuss options to best display their amazing characteristics.