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We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional jewelry—artsy pieces that underline our pursuit for creative excellence. Our collection of pendants is a result of this approach. Featuring 100% genuine, earth mined opals and gemstones in our designs, each pendant is worthy of being treasured for a lifetime.

You will find some extraordinary, handcrafted creations—which only the work of an experienced artisan can accomplish. Our collection of pendants features 14K & 18K Gold. These are set with precious and semi precious gemstones including 100% natural Australian or Ethiopian opals while some have meticulous inlaying—an art that comes through years of experience. This range of pendants are suitable for different types of necklaces, such as choker length, opera and princess necklaces. 

We use standard measurement methods and genuine photography to ensure our store depicts the reality. Despite our best efforts, our current collection might not have a particular design that grabs your attention—don't worry! We have a dedicated Custom Order service where we create designs tailored to your preferences.


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