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genuine Australian opal rings in gold or silver for sale

Opal Rings

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8357 Big Opal Ring Diamonds 18k Gold 8357
  • New!
  • USD $1795
8355 Triple Opal Ring 14k Gold 8355
  • New!
  • USD $1295
8344 Coober Pedy Opal Ring 14k Gold Leaf Design 8344
  • New!
  • USD $745
8343 Solitaire Opal Ring 14k Gold Big Oval 8343
  • New!
  • USD $1595
8333 Crystal Opal Ring Rubies 14k Gold 8333
  • New!
  • USD $945
6252r Large Black Opal Diamond Halo Ring 14k Gold
  • USD $3495
5415r Red Harlequin Opal Ring Diamond Halo 14k Gold
  • USD $2195
5951R Black Opal Ring Diamonds 14k Gold 5951
  • USD $2395
8303 14k Gold White Opal Ring Leaf Design 8303
  • USD $745
8318 Five Stone Inlaid Opal Ring 14k Gold 8318
  • USD $1100
8297 Solitaire White Opal Ring 14k Gold 8297
  • USD $1125
8298 Solitaire Green Opal Ring 14k Gold 8298
  • USD $1175
8302 Green Blue Opal Ring 14k Gold Two Trillion Blue Topaz
  • USD $895
8299 Solitaire Opal Ring 14k Gold 8299
  • USD $1075
8304 Red Blue Opal Ring with Diamonds 14k Gold
  • USD $925
8292 White Opal Diamond Ring 14k Gold 8292
  • USD $850
8287 Red Blue Opal Ring 925 Silver Feather Design 8287
  • USD $300
8289 Teardrop Opal Ring 14k Gold 8289
  • USD $945
8285 White Opal Ring 925 Sterling Silver 8285
  • USD $275
8257 Australian Opal Ring 14k Gold 8257
  • USD $950
8258 Solitaire Opal Ring 18k Gold 8258
  • USD $745
8255 Amazing Opal Ring with Diamonds 14k Gold 8255
  • USD $2200
8244 White Opal Ring Blue Sapphires 14k Gold 8244
  • USD $745
8243 Opal Ring Blue Sapphire Halo 14k Gold 8243
  • USD $795
Items: 124 of 362

We specialize in creating exotic pieces of fine jewelry, including beautiful rings. The selection on display will grab your attention with the use of naturally mined opals. Find gorgeous rings with exquisite Black Opals to mesmerizing Ethiopian Opal as well as opal rings with accent stones including dazzling diamonds.

This store is a trove of rings featuring a vast range of 100% authentic Australian opals, with or without diamonds and other multi-colored gemstones. Crafted with care, our opal rings are for women who like to dress-up and accessorize in style. This collection of rings features vintage, abstract and fresh designs, defined by immaculate polishing and brilliant cutting. Choose from solitaire opal rings allowing all focus on the stone, opal inlay rings crafted like artwork or extravagant opal and diamond rings.

We hope you spend a few minutes to explore our selection of quality rings, available in a authentic gold options—10K, 14K, and 18K. We understand you aren’t here for just another online shopping experience. You expect to be pampered and amazed with the best and we attempt to deliver this with relentless dedication. We assist you with accurate product details and even allow room for customization you will not find in too many online stores. You will find clear images and a video of each opal ring with most rings showing the opal not secured. We want everyone to have the opportunity to own a unique gem in the ring size and gold color they wear. By our talented craftsman not fully setting the stone, allows you to have the opal in the perfect ring for you. It is not for us to assume the ring size and gold color one woman out of the millions may want to wear with a particular opal! In many cases, you can even change the setting.

Despite our best efforts to craft rings to suit all styles and budgets, and with the immense selection of designs available online, you may not find a style of ring you desire. In this case, we welcome your inquiry to discuss the specifics of your design, whether a simple elegant oval or a bold statement ring that may seem impossible to craft. Whatever your idea or budget, we welcome any custom design inquiry.