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Black Opal Rings

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We are specialists in the niche of crafting 100% authentic opal jewelry and our black opal rings are no exception.  All our Australian opals are mined from their natural habitat including the prestigious mines of Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. The mining process deserves the work of knowledgeable craftsman to create a romantic interplay of colors—making each black opal ring an exclusive creation.

Despite our love for all genuine Australian opals, we are particularly enchanted by black opal, a rare and unique gem deserving of its fame and considered the mightiest of all opals. The black background contrasted with sparkling colors makes it a truly unique gem. Blending the mystique of black opal with solid 14K or 18K Gold, we have created a range of stylish black opal rings.

We ensure that only the highest quality of black opals reach the collection on display which is being continually populated by traditional, contemporary and nonconformist designs. From minimally jeweled rings to those that are accented with premium gemstones, you find opal rings of all types listed for your consideration.

If our current collection does not have what you have been looking for, please try our Customization Services. We have created many custom designs and are always eager to work with shoppers of authentic, handcrafted black opal jewelry.