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Ethiopian Opal Rings

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Ethiopian opal rings define our boutique approach to creating exotic jewelry. Ethiopian opals continue to inspire, intrigue and create new admirers. These opals are 100% Natural earth mined from Welo, Ethiopia, then handcrafted into exquisitely designed jewelry.  

From everyday wearable designer rings to those worthy of star treatment, we bring together a range of Welo opal rings. Ethiopian opals make rings intriguing, setting them apart from the clutter of similar-looking designer rings. Delivering matchless quality, our opal rings are crafted in 14K gold. Although a relatively new gem find, it is fast becoming a desirable addition to opal lovers due to the mesmerizing display of colors and their depth. Welo opal from Ethiopia is truly a unique and fascinating gem that has a characteristic found in no other gemstone.

While we hope there is an opal Ring on display that grabs your attention, there is a chance that our current inventory does not have the design you have been craving for—an issue addressed by our Personalization Services. Using your ideas, we can customize the ring according to your preference. The customization is welcomed by our designers and artists who can give shape to your opal dreams!