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Samira Designs is redefining glamour in opal rings, blending it with ease-of-maintenance and style that stands apart. Handcrafted using genuine opals only, these rings come in a wide array of applications, from everyday wear to workplace rings and those meant to be worn at special occasions from parties to date night!

Harnessing the delicate beauty of natural Australian opals, opal rings by Samira Designs are exquisite and versatile. Also known as the October gem, opals make for stunning gifting options for anniversaries and weddings and choosing a handcrafted opal ring, is a thoughtful and well received gift to treasure for a life time. Each meticulously handcrafted opal ring has been made with love – this shows in the fine detailing. From solitaire opal rings to those added with dazzling diamonds, luxurious Australian pearls or rugged solid gold nuggets. Stand out from the crowd and indulge yourself with a unique opal ring you will not find anywhere else.