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Custom Made Opal Jewelry

Having opal jewelry custom made is a truly unique and exciting option for those seeking a one-of-a-kind piece, or when you see a loose opal you love and want it in a jewelry design you like to wear.

Below are just some examples of completed jewelry that was custom made based on customer designs and requests. Whether it is a loose opal set in jewelry based on a design we have, or jewelry designed from scratch, we work with you to bring the idea to wearability. You can even have blank settings made to fit your loose gemstone.

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Found an opal you love and want it set? or want changes made to jewelry you see on this site?  Contact us to discuss your custom design.

Mens opal ring textured band customizedMens gold ring with intricate detail used to customizeMens custom made opal ring result
Mens opal ring in solid 14k gold

A gentleman, who has quite a collection of opal rings, wanted the opal that was shown in a textured ring (first image) to be set in a more detailed ring design we have (second image).  The end result is an impressive mens opal ring (third image).

Solid gold mens ring setting

This customer had the opal in his possession and wanted a custom setting made to fit.  We did that without having the opal in hand! Customer set the opal himself - great job!
Opal and diamond band in gold

A solid gold ring with inlaid opals and diamond accents made for a customer based on her design
Pear cut opal ring replacement

This customer lost her opal and this beautiful solid Coober Pedy crystal opal was the replacement
Black opal ring in silver

Customer chose this 1.25 carat loose Lightning Ridge black opal and wanted it set in a custom made to fit 925 sterling silver ring
Big tear trop opal ring

4.4 carat crystal opal that was shown in a different ring design however the customer didn't want diamonds.  The opal was instead set in a custom made to fit solid gold ring design similar to one of ours
Opal pendant in 14k gold

1 carat Lightning Ridge loose opal inlaid in custom made to fit solid gold pendant
Opal ring in 14k gold

1.8 carat loose opal bezel set in custom made to fit solid gold ring with 1.5mm band
Opal pendant in 14k gold

1.35 carat Coober Pedy loose opal inlaid in custom made to fit solid gold pendant
Black opal and diamond ring

Customer chose a loose 1.9 carat Lightning Ridge black opal and a solid gold ring with diamond halo was custom made to fit
Tanzanite and diamond ring

This customer wanted an heirloom ring and decided on a  trilogy of beautiful gemstones that are emerald cut.  The ring featured a 1.5 carat natural Tanzanite and has a .24 carat VS diamond on either side.  Set in 14k white gold.

Opal and diamond brooch pendant combination

To celebrate a very special anniversary, this gentleman chose the 12.5 carat Coober Pedy opal and had it showcased in a pendant that doubled as a brooch.  Around the opal is 22 diamonds at 3 mm each.  Divine!

Opal and diamond ring

An outstanding ring that was made for a special lady.  Based on a ring design we have, the setting was made the same however the diamonds were larger in size so as to compliment the magnificent opal.

Mens multi gemstone ring

This gentleman had specific taste and wanted a solid gold wide band with opals, diamonds, rubies and sapphires
Click the image above to learn how easy the custom made jewelry process isClick the image above to contact us about having jewelry custom made for you 

We don't just work with opals!  We welcome custom designed jewelry orders for almost any precious gemstone, or even with a combination of gemstones in one setting design.

By choosing to have jewelry custom made, you have the opportunity to select the perfect opal gemstone that reflects your personal taste and style. Our skilled artisans can craft exquisite designs, such as opal engagement rings, opal wedding bands - on their own or as a set, opal pendants - from solitaires to artwork with detailed inlaid design, opal rings for men or women that are minimalistic or encased in big dazzling diamonds or gemstones, opal earrings from studs to long drops, and opal bangles - all that perfectly showcase the opal's natural beauty. The result is a piece of jewelry that is not only aesthetically stunning but also holds sentimental value, making it a cherished heirloom for generations to come.