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FREE express shipping on all orders with tracking (where available) however FedEx shipping is available at the below rates. Express shipping is quick at approximately 7-14 days however delays may occur in the build up to Christmas. 

USA & CANADA - $75 and takes 7-10 days to arrive
UK and EUROPE - $90 and takes 7-14 days to arrive
ASIA - $90 and takes 5-8 days to arrive
OCEANIA - $75 and takes 4-7 days to arrive

  • ADDRESS:  Parcels are mailed to the address on your PayPal payment and you can enter the address for shipping when making your payment.  PayPal offers buyer and seller protection however it is only if the parcel is sent to the address provided on the payment so please ensure you enter the correct shipping address.
  • SHIPPING TIME:  The time frame for shipping your purchase can be the same day or approximately 21 days depending on what you have purchased.  If you do not need a different ring size to the one stated in the description or you do not need to change the gold color, your item will ship within one business day.  If you require a different ring size or different gold color, this will take from five days for rings without accent stones and approximately 21 days for rings with accent stones.  This also applies for pendants or earrings. 
  • TRACK YOUR PARCEL:  The tracking number is added to your PayPal payment and your order.  You will receive an email update with the tracking number when this is done.  You can track your parcel via Australia Post or through your national postal service. For example, USA customers can track via USPS, Canadian customers can track via Canada Post, UK customers can track via Royal Mail
  • CUSTOM ORDERS:  If you are having an item custom made, the time it takes until the item is ready for shipping will depend on the amount of work done but generally no more than four to six weeks.  Please take these times into consideration especially for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas gifts. 
  • TURNAROUND:  Whatever your requirements are, be assured of a fast turnaround time as possible without compromising the quality.  
  • SHIPPING TIME:  Once your parcel is shipped to you, the time it takes to get to your shipping address will depend on the postal service and customs.  Please understand these areas are beyond our control.  Free shipping is via express post for Australian buyers or insured air mail with tracking for buyers outside of Australia and the method depends on the item and country it is being shipped to.  Your purchase can take anywhere between one day and four weeks depending on the shipping address.  Parcels to the USA and Canada take about 10-14 days with other countries 2-4 weeks.  Please take these times into consideration if purchasing for special occasions such as birthdays, proposals etc.  FedEx shipping to outside of Australia is highly recommended and can take 4-10 business days without any customs or postal service issues.  Weather conditions can also delay shipping which is out of the control of everyone.  Your safest option is to shop as early as possible for special occasions.
  • LOST PARCEL:  In the unlikely event your parcel is lost, an investigation will be launched with Australia Post or the relevant postal service.  As all parcels are insured against loss or damage, you can have peace of mind that your funds will not be lost also.  A refund will be issued at the earliest possible instance.
  • DUTIES & TAXES:  Import taxes and duties MAY be imposed by your country's government which they will ask you to pay before receiving the item so please check your country's policies prior to purchasing.  We do not include any paperwork inside with your parcel.  The only paperwork is on the front of your parcel which states the contents and a value - your item is insured for more than this.  If the parcel is opened by customs in your country, they will be the one determining the value and charge accordingly.  This is out of our hands.  If the item has been returned to us due to non payment of your country’s tax, any fees imposed on us will need to be deducted from the refund. 
  • For example: USA customers are allowed parcels with a value up to $2000 USD without any taxes due and Canada allows $1200 CAD.  European countries vary and generally allow a low amount.
  • CERTIFICATES:  A Certificate of Authenticity is emailed to you or if you choose a physical copy, will be mailed separately to your parcel.  Read more information on our certificates

If you have any questions regarding shipping, don't hesitate to contact us.